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Beach Life – Stefan Mailwald

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Beach Life – Stefan Mailwald


The ultimate coffee table book about the spirit and atmosphere of beach life – The beauty of nature and lifestyle, exclusive destinations and beach villas – Enchanting figures such as Brigitte Bardot and Oscar Wilde and their links with the beach.


The author has countless fans and is a beach dweller yourself Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the beach with this breathtaking coffee table book. Discover the intriguing stories behind the summer trends created by Coco Chanel and the works of art inspired by the extraordinary coastal light, such as Picasso’s masterpieces. Be captivated by the beauty of secluded beaches, lavish lodgings that capture the imagination and the iconic status of surfers. Lose yourself in the glamor of the fashion world and the magic of film as you relive memories of your childhood. The beach. A word that promises warmth and lightness, a place of relaxation and liveliness, where play and sport come together. It is the ultimate destination where we always want to be.


This book brings the beach to life as a stage and a coveted destination, with stunning photography and captivating stories to spark your imagination. Bring the beach into your living room and be transported to a world full of beauty and unforgettable experiences.



  • Author(s): Stefan Maiwald
  • Publisher: Teneues
  • ISBN: 9783961714469
  • Language: English & German
  • Edition: Hardcover
  • Number of pages: 224


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