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Donation VoorUit – Students connect the neighbourhood

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VoorUit- Living, working and learning together in the neighborhood with VoorUit


VoorUit is active at ten different locations in Amsterdam and Zaandam. Here, more than 60 students and starters dedicate themselves every week to the neighborhoods and buildings where they live. The energy of these young people is connected to social themes that play a role locally. Together with fellow residents and partners, VoorUit organizes accessible activities, from language cafés to vegetable garden projects. This is where people meet and new connections are created. With our activities we also stimulate a healthy lifestyle, ownership, talent development, language and digital skills.


Thanks to your support, VoorUit can continue to work on neighborhoods where everyone feels at home and can develop. For more information, visit the VoorUit website.


Click here to watch our intro video!

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