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GA 20 Universal Travel Adapter

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Universal Travel Adapter from TM Electron


Stay plugged in around the world with 4 international outlet adapters in an ultra-compact design. Built-in surge protector for grounded and ungrounded plugs keeps your electronic devices safe!

NOTICE: This universal travel plug adapter only converts the plug type, it is not a voltage converter. It does not convert the output current and voltage; Do not use this travel plug adapter with hair dryers, curling irons, or any electrical appliance that draws power greater than 600W.

WARNING: Do not touch any of the other prongs while the adapter is plugged in. This unit has moving parts. Do not let babies and children handle the plug. Do not connect more than one plug at a time when using this product.


– 4 plug configurations.
– Compatible with more than 160 countries.
– Integrated surge protector with indicator.
– Ultra compact design.
– Lock system.
– Security protection.
– US, EU, UK and AUS adapter.
– Support universal voltage 110V-240V

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