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WO 27 Paper Head Sculpture Sand-colored – VT Wonen

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Paper Head Sculpture Sand-colored – VT Wonen


This sturdy sculpture by vtwonen from the Ecomix collection radiates simplicity and beauty. The head has a calm appearance due to the unity of style and texture. It is a real trend: primitive or realistic sculpture heads that are appearing on bookshelves, windowsills, and sometimes even serve as robust paperweights.


VTwonen Ecomix
VTwonen has been the brand in the Netherlands for more than 50 years. To maintain this leading position, sustainability is an important value for vtwonen. That is why they proudly present this new Ecomix collection, recognizable by the green label. The products in this collection are made from recycled paper and lime and are produced in an environmentally friendly way. Each item is unique and handmade using traditional methods. Enjoy!



  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 12.5 x 20 cm
  • Material:  recycled paper and lime
  • Earthy and traditional

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